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AOR AR3000
Wideband Receiver


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  AOR AR3000

The AOR AR3000 offers high performance and wide coverage:  100 kHz - 2036 MHz in FM-N, FM-W, USB, LSB, CW and AM. 400 memory channels are provided in four banks of 100 channels each. Each memory channel can store:  mode, frequency, RF attenuator setting and lockout status. Up to 48 frquencies may be locked-out. The scan rate is 20 channels per second and search rate of 20 steps per second. The front panel is angled for optimum LCD viewing and keypad entry. Other features include:  signal strength indicator, clock with sleep timer, tuning knob, keypad entry, record jack, attenuator and RS-232 port. The rear panel antenna input is a 50 ohm BNC.

The AR3000 runs from 13.8 VDC (0.5 A) or with supplied 110 VAC wall adapter. 5.5 x 3 x 7.75 inches (138x80x200 mm) 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg). Click here for specifications.

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#3246 97-08 D[0000]1150/1030 Q180/250 JP 08/16