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Available Used:  Tabletop Shortwave   

UP28 Realistic DX-150A   $149.95
Shortwave Communications Receiver
The Realistic DX-150A features an analog dial with bandspread plus an S-Meter. This multimode receiver has a BFO and ANL. On the rear panel antenna terminals have been replaced with an SO-239. The cabinet is in fairly good condition. Includes matching SP-150 speaker. Photocopy of the manual. S/N 15339.  [06/17]

UP87 AOR AR3030   $599.95 SOLD
Shortwave Receiver
The AOR AR3030 covers 30 kHz to 30 MHz with a digital display. This multi-mode receiver has direct keypad entry. It features Collins filters. It has Synchronous AM detection to combat fading. There is an analog S-Meter, squelch, 100 memories, & BFO. The rear panel has a, BNC antenna input and record and speaker output. The cabinet is in good condition. The internal battery tray is missing. A supplementary DC jack has been added to the rear panel. Includes new DC3000 power cable, good photo copies of the Owner's Manual and Service Manual. S/N 10186  [07/17]
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UP46 Hallicrafters SX-101   $249.95
Amateur Communications Receiver
The Hallicrafters SX-101 receives these HF amateur bands:  1.8-2, 3.5-4, 7-7.3, 14-14.4, 21-21.5, 27-29.7 MHz and WWV at 10 MHz. It features variable selectivity and notch filter controls. The cabinet and panels are sound, but much wear and chipping noted. The interior is clean. The rear panel has speaker and antenna terminals. With original Owner's Manual. Local pick-up prefered, but can quote shipping (about 80 lbs.!). [07/17]
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UP48 Drake 2B   $289.95
Amateur Band Receiver
This Drake 2B has an analog dial and covers 80, 40, 20, 15 and part of 10 Meters. The rear panel has the antenna jack. Has the optional 2-AC crystal calibrator installed. The radio is in good cosmetic condition. Includes:  photo copy of the Owner's Manual. S/N 4314  [06/17]
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UJ84 Saba 100/10 T   $139.95
Tabletop Shortwave Receiver
The Saba 100/10T covers longwave, AM, shortwave plus FM with stereo. It has backlit and frequency dial. The rear panel has audio and antenna jacks. 120 VAC. Condition is fair and it plays, but is being sold AS-IS final sale because of age. Can quote shipping. Made in West Germany. S/N 552148.  [12/16]

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