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UI19 Japan Radio Co. Calculator   $47.95
Calculator & Key Chain
The JRC Calculator and key chain were given to authorized JRC dealers. The calculator was manufactured by Casio in Japan. In good working order, but some wear spots noted. A rare find for the JRC collector.  [05/17]
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UI94 Icom TVR7000   $89.95
TV Receive Adapter NTSC
The TVR7000 is an option exclusively for the R7000 that allows the reception of video with an external video monitor (not supplied). May be side mounted to IC-R7000 with screws. The back panel has IF in, video out and audio out. With copy of instruction sheet. Does not receive new digital TV broadcast signals.   [10/16]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

UN18 Yaesu NC-29   $24.95
Quick Charger
The Yaesu NC-29 drop-in quick charger has LED indicators. Designed for use with the Yaesu FT-23, FT-73 and FT-470 HTs. S/N 2C089. [04/17]

UU52 Sony PYXIS Banner   $45.95
Store Banner
The Sony PYXIS nylon cloth store banner promotes the Sony PYXIS® GPS system. 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall. A rare and fun find for the Sony collector.  [12/16]

UH22 Grundig G-2   $19.95
Portable MW-FM-WX Radio
The Grundig G-2 receives AM, FM and the three most popular weather frequencies: 162.4, 162.475 and 162.55 MHz. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) or 4.5 VDC.  [04/17]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

U555 Japan Radio MPPC07961   $29.95
Daughter Board
This JRC MPPC07961 is plug-in daughter board for the JRC NRD-515 receiver. It holds one or two optional filters. Click here to view reverse side.  [11/16]
Click here for technical information on this model

UZ61 Drake 2613   $39.95
The Drake 2613 is a splitter-amplifier 950-1750 MHz designed for satellite operations. It comes with description sheet plus box,instructions and two F terminators. Never used.  [08/16]

UL81 Universal Service 52-KW45   $59.95
SWR/Power Meter
The Universal Service 52-KW450 Ratiometer is a tube-era SWR meter. It operates 2-200 MHz up to 1000 watts. SO-239 input and output. Operational, but not in good cosmetic condition.  [02/17]
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